Chapter Nine…Noah

Our lives were starting to turn around. We had a baby boy on the way, Jason had received a promotion at work which brought in more income, and we had found a house to buy on contract.

We moved into our home during my second trimester. It was on Blossom Drive, and the home was a dream. It was yellow with white shutters, full front porch, 3 bedroom, game room, 2.5 bath, two car attached garage; and a large fenced in backyard made for entertaining, with two huge willow trees for shade.

5 months

My pregnancy up until that point was going well. Our baby boy was growing and healthy, but my morning sickness was NO JOKE! It lasted until 20 weeks!! Unfortunately, my health started to take a turn. My swelling was horrible by the end of my second trimester, too much protein was showing in my urine, and they were watching my blood pressure closely. My doctor slowly started having me take time off work. Standing all day assisting in surgery was not helping, and around 35 weeks I was placed on bed rest.

8 months

My 36 week appointment showed a spike in my protein output and blood pressure. My doctor spoke to her colleagues, and they determined I needed to be induced at 37 weeks. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. So, at 6 am, on April 27th, I was admitted to the hospital and induction started. My goal was to have an all natural birth. Unfortunately, my blood pressure spiked during labor, and I was told that if I didn’t want an epidural, I needed to at least take some pain medication. So I did, and slept for 2 hours of my labor. I asked for the epidural at 7 cm, and by the time the anesthesiologist arrived, I was feeling the need to push. I received my epidural, and at 3:59 pm, delivered a healthy baby boy, Noah.


It was the second time in my life that I was a family of three, but this time was filled with joy. I remember staring at my precious son and thinking, ‘How can anyone doubt that God exists?’ I was holding a miracle in my arms.

Our first night home was eventful..I was a hormonal mess. I had decided to breastfeed, and all Noah wanted to do was nurse the entire night. Jason and I didn’t sleep, not one minute. My mother-in-law stayed with us the first couple of nights. I will forever be grateful to her for that. I remember hearing her knock on our bedroom door. It was early morning, maybe 7 am. I was crying and told her, he just won’t quit screaming. We haven’t slept at all. She held out her arms and said give him to me, and you both go sleep.. and we did. I’m quite positive that I have never loved my mother-in-law as much as I did that morning.

The weeks and months following improved. Breastfeeding was going well and Noah began sleeping thru the night at 3 months. What wasn’t going so well, was Jason’s position at work. He was working 60+ hours, was given more responsibilities, but wasn’t being compensated for it. We had a newborn son, we lived away from family, and it was just too much. So Jason decided to step down from his managerial role. I had returned back to work, but it was horrible. I was fortunate that my former coworker had decided to stay home, and was watching my son. It definitely game me some relief, but I never got used to leaving him each day. It didn’t feel right.

Noah was 6 months old when the bottom fell out. The company Jason worked for decided they were paying him too much, and cut his salary. We couldn’t afford a baby and the house payment. Shortly after receiving that news, I found out that my sitter wanted to return to work. We were going to lose the house, and had to back out of our contract. Our credit card debt was insane, and we needed to start over. My mom and step-dad allowed us to move in with them. We had a 6-12 month plan to pay off debt, and save for a home.


So we packed up our things, rented a storage unit, left our dream home, and returned to our hometown.. and moved in with my parents in the fall of 2007. A month later, Jason walked into my work. The company had let him go. They assumed he would not continue to make the hour drive, and thought it best that they parted ways. It was around Christmas time.

We had been married 3 years, had a 6 month old son, one income, accumulated debt, and living with my parents.

What were we going to do? …

By His grace,


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