Chapter 3: It Isn’t Always Easy

We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.

Romans 5:3 NLT

The great thing about this plan is that the food is easy. It is prepackaged, I choose five items to eat that day and then a sixth lean and green meal that I prepare. What I didn’t expect was on day 8 to have bad cravings and feel hungry again. I will confess I splurged and got me a Diet Vanilla Pepsi on day 8 and 9. I felt bad after but oh it tasted soooo good!

I talked to my health coach and she talked about the “food breakup”. Basically my mind was playing tricks on me and telling me you need to have this so you aren’t hungry. It was saying you miss this food!! There was a small part of me after having that Diet Pepsi that thought, surely one meal wouldn’t hurt. Those fries he’s eating can’t be that big of a deal.

I got myself back on plan and then…Super Bowl hit. I had my day already planned out to help me from indulging in the food I was preparing for the guys. That went out the window at mozzarella sticks. I didn’t overeat, which is an accomplishment in itself, but I had given into my cravings again. I needed that immediate gratification. The following morning my hands, feet, and face were swollen and bloated. Of course it was also my weigh in and measurement day. While the measurements showed I had lost some inches, the scale said I had gained two pounds. I was so disappointed in myself. I contacted my coach and we both thought it may be related to my sodium intake and that I probably was retaining water. My game plan was to drink water that day and to stay on plan. I did. I felt good and when I weighed myself today, I had lost those two pounds!

This detour left me with two choices. I could:

  1. Give up and go back to my old habits
  2. Get back on track and move forward

I chose the latter, and that may have been the first time in any weight loss journey that I didn’t give up and give in.

Failure is no longer an option for me. I have confidence in myself and the encouragement from others to conquer obesity, to eliminate my risks, and to live a healthy life.

Messy blessings,


Chapter 2: 1 Week In

This picture was day 4 of my weight loss journey. The light in my eyes and that genuine smile were something I hadn’t seen in awhile. Let me back up though to the first few days..

People…detoxing from processed and sugary foods is REAL!!! The first couple days were, well, brutal. I felt like I was starving, nausea, headache, tiredness, and so irritable that the men in my household started to avoid me. They said I was ‘hangry’ and the thought of a snickers sounded really good!! I never fully grasped how much crap I had been fueling my body with for years. I know it is crap because why would I feel so bad not having it. This lasted for three whole days and then.. 4 hit. about a difference and change. I woke up at 4 a.m. wide awake AND with energy. By 9:50 a.m, I had cleaned the kitchen, laundry room, office, showered, taken the boys to school, hair and makeup, errands, and had done a couple loads of laundry. Believe me when I say that has never happened..never. The other change was I wasn’t as hungry as I was the days prior and my cravings were subsiding. I literally felt amazing! I was in what is called fat burn.

The lower level of carbohydrates, coupled with the reduced calorie level of the.. Plan, allows your body to enter the fat- burning state. This gentle, but efficient fat-burning state helps the body achieve faster weight loss while helping retain muscle mass. The fat-burning state also helps naturally reduce appetite and hunger while still allowing you to feel sufficient levels of energy.

Description found on my weight loss program website (message me if interested!)

Within four days, I had lost 5 pounds. Day 5 was about the same. I didn’t have quite the energy, but the hunger pains were definitely gone. I actually had to force myself to eat at my scheduled times. It is crazy to me how the junk I used to fuel my body with, never left me quite satisfied, so I would eat another large amount and the cycle continued. Now I was eating small meals six times a day, loaded with good nutrition, and I felt full.

Before picture 1/18/21

I have to be honest and say that the above picture causes me anxiety to share, but this is about my journey and accountability. I did choose to not share the side and front view.. I’m not ready for that yet! This is me, my before picture, and I am the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life. My goal is to lose 130 pounds. read that right. I need to lose that much to have a healthy BMI and to reduce my health risks. I believe I can accomplish this goal. I have never felt more confident in that than I do today. I need to put the work in, and I’m finally ready to do that after failing so many times.

My next weigh in and measurements are on Monday. Stay tuned for an update sometime next week!! For now, thanks for joining me!

When the future seems uncertain, it may feel hard to pursue goals. But in every season, you can hold onto this: God knows the plans He has for you.

you version bible app

Messing Blessings!


Chapter One: The Beginning

“Though no one can go back now and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending.” -Carl Bard

I have tried to diet in the pass, and like most people, it goes well for the first few months and then tanks. The biggest challenge I would face would be maintaining the diet. I would grow tired of counting points, prepping food, preparing foods that my kids wouldn’t even eat and would usually take an hour to make. There would also be the concern of cost, and so I would eventually give up.

But not this time..

I knew something had to change towards the end of last year. I was developing new health issues and knew the best way to treat them would be to change my habits and lifestyle, or they would become worse and the risks would go up. I had reached out to a friend of mine who was a health coach for a great weightloss/lifestyle change company . I spent several months making up excuses as to why I couldn’t do it. Then at my last doctors appointment, I received some news and I knew I didn’t have a choice anymore.

I have spent the last two years suffering both mentally and physically. I am tired all of the time. I have become more of a hermit because I am embarrassed about the weight I keep putting on, so I won’t go out in public if I don’t have to. I become winded walking up any incline, have to force myself to take pictures with family, and prefer to take them in a selfie fashion so I can make myself look thinner. I have tried to exercise, but at this point I have put on so much weight that it kills my knees and lower back. Shoes, yes shoes, are a nightmare. It is an exercise in itself to bend over to put them on and lace them up, and if my shoes become untied in public, I ask my partner to tie them for me. The kicker to all of this is… I end up eating more to comfort me. Sometimes, I even binge eat.

Can anyone relate to this?

Center your life around what matters most to you.

Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen

I start my program this Monday. I was asked what my why’s were so I can focus on them during the program. My whys:

  • I want to be able to become more active with my boys
  • I want to improve my overall health and lower my risks
  • I want to feel spiritually, mentally, and physically strong

These three things are what matter most to me during this new journey I will be taking. There is no longer a cost too great for my health and life. I am determined and will fight to be healthy. I am ready to make a radical change in my life and make it last long term.

So I will be using my blog as a journal of sorts in order to help me remain accountable. I hope you will follow this new adventure with me!

Messy blessings,