A New Norm


It has been a minute since my last blog post. In part, it is because my family has been busy wrapping up our Summer and getting ready for the new school year. However, most of you that follow know that I try to be as transparent as I can, and I will admit that I have just not had it in me to post.

My baby, has officially started kindergarten.

I’m left asking myself, now what? I have been a full time SAHM for 3 years. My life revolved around taking care of both boys. They would come first before any housework or ‘me’ time. Try as I might, a schedule never worked, I would be on their schedule. I have learned the theme songs to Paw Patrol, Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; now know that just playing one game of Candyland is just not allowed, and why just play with one toy when you have a toy room full that somehow makes it out into the living room!!

I have also learned how to calm my little one down when he is really upset. I know the difference in a cry when he is hurt, frustrated, or just seeking attention. I have found that the best nap in the world is taken when you have your children snuggled up next to you, and for a brief moment, the world seems at peace and perfect.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed my time at home with my boys. I felt and still feel that my place is at home, managing the household. The change is coming home after dropping both boys off…to a quiet house. I can now have a schedule that will be easier to stick to; and I can also start finding who I am again. I am volunteering at the boy’s school as the librarian; but that isn’t everyday. I still have this blog and meeting with my girls for Bible study.

So, what is my new norm?  I am not sure what my passions really are anymore…what do I want to do….who is Misty? What will my future hold?

This is a new journey, and a new chapter in my life as a wife, mother, and woman. My prayer is that I turn my focus back to Him and follow His lead. 



2 thoughts on “A New Norm

  1. Misty, you don’t need to turn your focus back to God, you have been listening for the last three years. The question is what will God ask of you now? You have grown in so many ways since you and Jason decided to take this journey. The two of you have found a new peace in your lives, in each other, and Misty you have found that within yourself as well. You have also learned that even though you listen and try to follow as you are led, there will still be times of difficulty, of challenges and of just wanting to crawl in a hole and hide.
    I am so excited for what lies ahead of you. I am so excited for the journey your have taken, the studies you do on line and the way in which you open yourself up so that others can identify and connection with you.
    In these new moments of peace and quiet of the house as you enter after dropping off the boys to school may you find your new identity, new direction. Your identity has always been first a child of God, second a wife and mother, now it is time to come to understand what other hat you will be asked to put on. Is it time to do some schooling for yourself?
    An exciting time of questioning and venturing out. Have a blessed journey!


  2. Jan said it perfectly! You will find your purpose now hasn’t changed that much, you will just have a little more time for you. You are an inspiration to many and you make me proud to be your mom! I love you


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