Chapter Eleven…Living in the Shadow of My Past

I had returned to my hometown as a different person. I had grown in my faith, and had started looking at the world differently. I believed I had finally healed from my past, and my beautiful family of three was going to live happily ever after.

I was met with quite different expectations. I felt like some thought I was the same Misty they knew in high school, the same daughter that left home, the same wild and crazy friend that made her mom pull out her hair. I was met with teasing and comments that hurt…and they hurt deeper than what they intended.

“Just you wait.. you are going to get it back times 10 now that you’re a mom!”

and “Remember all the things you put your mom through? Now it’s your turn!”

So, why did these words sting so much? Why was I left feeling angry and bitter towards my parents and close friends? The words spoken sounded like this in my mind… ‘I hope your children experience the same pain and hurts that you did as a child. I hope they start searching for their self worth in worldly things that will only leave them empty and lost. I hope your marriage ends in divorce.’

I was surrounded by blessings; a new home, a growing family, stable jobs…and yet I was angry.

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy…” John 10:10 NLT

I was angry at my mom for the choices she made in my youth. I was angry with my childhood friends for things that happened years ago and I never spoke up about it. I was angry with my dad for leaving us and not being around the way I had hoped. I was angry that Jason had grown up with both of his parents in a loving and close home, and when his parents or family would pop in unannounced, I would become unglued and for all the wrong reasons. I had fully started comparing the way we grew up and the differences we had, and I was jealous that his family actually wanted to be more involved than mine did.

I didn’t stop there. Jason and I had been attending church regularly. I thought that there were rules to follow and if you didn’t follow them, than you weren’t a good Christian. I had become judgemental. I wanted to hold all those accountable for the wrongs they had committed against me, or simply the things I thought were wrong for them to do. I carried that around in all aspects of my life…family, friends, and co-workers. I became self-righteous in my way of thinking. My attitude was people had walked all over me for years and I remained silent out of fear of rejection…I was now a wife and mother and NO ONE was going to treat me that way anymore. Didn’t I sound pleasant? The sad part is looking back, I thought I was right and my behavior was good.

In 2009, Jason and I decided to try and expand our family. It happened quite quickly compared to trying for Noah. I found out in October, of that year, we were expecting. My sister was also expecting her first child, and two of my co-workers were also due at the same time as me. I still remember Noah and I surprising Jason with the news. I had put the positive pregnancy test in a halloween treat bag. Jason came home from work, and Noah handed him the bag and said trick or treat. We were so happy. I thought God was making up for the 13 months of trying with Noah and for the struggles I had been facing with dealing with my past. I was 11 weeks along when Jason was putting Noah to bed. My first doctor’s appointment was scheduled the following week. I had went to use the bathroom, and saw blood. I went numb. I hysterically started yelling for Jason. He came running in, and saw what was happening. He called my doctor and we were advised it could be normal and to keep my appointment. In the meantime, I was to go for blood work to check my hormone levels. So I did, and at my first appointment I was told that my pregnancy was not viable. I can still hear the doctors words,

“Misty, you did nothing wrong. Your body did what it was supposed to do and recognized that something was wrong. This happens in 1 and 4 pregnancies.”

But…it wasn’t supposed to happen to me! Hadn’t I been through enough? My D and C was scheduled later that week. I woke up in a recovery room and was being supervised by a nurse. She removed my intubation tube, and I began to cry. She grabbed a tissue and started wiping my tears, and I asked her if this pain and emptiness would ever go away. She responded that I will always carry this baby in my heart, and she cried with me. I withdrew from everyone during that time. My mom had stopped to check on me, and I locked myself in the bathroom. Words that were meant to comfort me were knives to the heart. Nothing could fill the emptiness inside of me. I lost a baby…I lost a part of me.

The coming months were difficult to say the least. I was planning my little sister’s first baby shower, and had to endure two of my co-workers having their babies when I should have been having mine. It was the beginning of a dark time in my life, and I knew I was depressed. I thought I could get it together and fix myself. I could pray this feeling away, and Jason and I will just try again.

In August 2010, two pink lines showed up again. I had to wait a long 10 weeks before my first appointment. I told Jason he didn’t need to come, maybe I thought I would receive bad news again, but my mom came with me. There we were, both crying as we listened to my doctor…

and my baby’s heartbeat…


By His grace,


Chapter Ten… A Different Perspective



We had tried for so long to have a child, and here we were with the family we had prayed for and a sense of accomplishment; and then the bottom fell out. It was one of the first times in my life that I was unsure about my future. I felt like a failure. I remember having sleepless nights filled with worry, and honestly not knowing how we were going to do it.

“It was one of the first times in my life that I was unsure about my future. I felt like a failure. “

I had mixed emotions about moving back home. I was excited because we would be around our family, and Noah would be around all of his grandparents. On the flip side, being a husband and father who was unemployed was not the dream I had envisioned.  The job search was stressful and wasn’t going anywhere.

I was blessed to have quality time with my son. I am the youngest of eight children, and my parents were older. I always worried how long my parents, especially my dad, would be around to see my kids. I remembered that even though it was hard dealing with what I thought was failure, I was very happy that there was a special bond happening between my dad, Noah, and me. My dad reassured me that although we had to move back and not have our own place, he and mom would help in anyway they could.  I enjoyed that time, but had a sense of guilt. I felt like roles were reversed..I should have been the one working, and Misty should have been the one home with Noah.



I felt there were some positives to moving back home. We didn’t realize how much we missed small town living and how great it can be to raise a family. It was also a relief to live by family, and especially grandparents!

Jason going without a job for several months, despite applying for various positions, was incredibly stressful. I was continuing to make the hour drive to my work, but without Jason working, we couldn’t implement the plan we had going into moving in with my parents. Plus, lets face it, it isn’t easy living with your parents as an adult; especially when you’re married with a baby.


Finally, in the spring of 2008, a friend’s husband reached out and asked if I would be interested in working at the company he worked for in Greenwood. It was a sales position, but salary based plus yearly bonuses. I got the job! They even were willing to accomodate my hours to match Misty’s so we could carpool together. The money was decent, and we were finally able to start saving for a home. My parents also wanted to watch Noah for us, so we were able to save on child care.

Noah’s first birthday


We celebrated Noah’s first birthday still living with my parents. Looking back, all was a blessing. My step-dad never had biological children, but he was able to watch Noah grow from infancy. My parents were there when Noah started crawling, sitting up, said his first word, and took his first steps.

We ended up living with my parents a year. We were able to pay off some of our debt, and in the fall of 2008, we purchased our first home!! We had finally caught a break and things were looking up.

Noah also was able to bond more closely with his paternal grandparents since they watched him daily. They were able to watch him for two years until my mother-in-law had some health issues that required us to look for other child care. Noah also had some speech delay. He really could only say ‘dada’. We had started teaching him sign language around 6 months. Noah would sign to us, but could not say the words. He started having speech therapy, and when he was 2.5, I finally heard the word I had been longing to hear.. mama.

We were a happy family for the most part, but inwardly I had started to struggle. I shared in a previous post, “if you don’t confront the pieces of you that are broken, if you continue to put bandaid after bandaid on your wounds…you will never heal”. Well, I was faced with that reality. I had been away from my little home town for some time. I thought I had a new identity and had moved past my insecurities as a teenager. I thought I had forgiven things I had done and those who had hurt me.

I was wrong..

By His grace,



Chapter Nine…Noah

Our lives were starting to turn around. We had a baby boy on the way, Jason had received a promotion at work which brought in more income, and we had found a house to buy on contract.

We moved into our home during my second trimester. It was on Blossom Drive, and the home was a dream. It was yellow with white shutters, full front porch, 3 bedroom, game room, 2.5 bath, two car attached garage; and a large fenced in backyard made for entertaining, with two huge willow trees for shade.

5 months

My pregnancy up until that point was going well. Our baby boy was growing and healthy, but my morning sickness was NO JOKE! It lasted until 20 weeks!! Unfortunately, my health started to take a turn. My swelling was horrible by the end of my second trimester, too much protein was showing in my urine, and they were watching my blood pressure closely. My doctor slowly started having me take time off work. Standing all day assisting in surgery was not helping, and around 35 weeks I was placed on bed rest.

8 months

My 36 week appointment showed a spike in my protein output and blood pressure. My doctor spoke to her colleagues, and they determined I needed to be induced at 37 weeks. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. So, at 6 am, on April 27th, I was admitted to the hospital and induction started. My goal was to have an all natural birth. Unfortunately, my blood pressure spiked during labor, and I was told that if I didn’t want an epidural, I needed to at least take some pain medication. So I did, and slept for 2 hours of my labor. I asked for the epidural at 7 cm, and by the time the anesthesiologist arrived, I was feeling the need to push. I received my epidural, and at 3:59 pm, delivered a healthy baby boy, Noah.


It was the second time in my life that I was a family of three, but this time was filled with joy. I remember staring at my precious son and thinking, ‘How can anyone doubt that God exists?’ I was holding a miracle in my arms.

Our first night home was eventful..I was a hormonal mess. I had decided to breastfeed, and all Noah wanted to do was nurse the entire night. Jason and I didn’t sleep, not one minute. My mother-in-law stayed with us the first couple of nights. I will forever be grateful to her for that. I remember hearing her knock on our bedroom door. It was early morning, maybe 7 am. I was crying and told her, he just won’t quit screaming. We haven’t slept at all. She held out her arms and said give him to me, and you both go sleep.. and we did. I’m quite positive that I have never loved my mother-in-law as much as I did that morning.

The weeks and months following improved. Breastfeeding was going well and Noah began sleeping thru the night at 3 months. What wasn’t going so well, was Jason’s position at work. He was working 60+ hours, was given more responsibilities, but wasn’t being compensated for it. We had a newborn son, we lived away from family, and it was just too much. So Jason decided to step down from his managerial role. I had returned back to work, but it was horrible. I was fortunate that my former coworker had decided to stay home, and was watching my son. It definitely game me some relief, but I never got used to leaving him each day. It didn’t feel right.

Noah was 6 months old when the bottom fell out. The company Jason worked for decided they were paying him too much, and cut his salary. We couldn’t afford a baby and the house payment. Shortly after receiving that news, I found out that my sitter wanted to return to work. We were going to lose the house, and had to back out of our contract. Our credit card debt was insane, and we needed to start over. My mom and step-dad allowed us to move in with them. We had a 6-12 month plan to pay off debt, and save for a home.


So we packed up our things, rented a storage unit, left our dream home, and returned to our hometown.. and moved in with my parents in the fall of 2007. A month later, Jason walked into my work. The company had let him go. They assumed he would not continue to make the hour drive, and thought it best that they parted ways. It was around Christmas time.

We had been married 3 years, had a 6 month old son, one income, accumulated debt, and living with my parents.

What were we going to do? …

By His grace,


Chapter 8… Marriage Part 2


The stress of finding a job and not conceiving started to take a toll. Jason settled for a job with a lawn care company, and took a major cut in pay (by major, I mean 30K). We were still able to make ends meet, but it was tough. We didn’t want to appear to our friends and family like we didn’t have it all together. As a result of that way of thinking, our credit card debt started accumulating.

We were also trying to figure out why we weren’t conceiving, so I had made an appointment with an ob/gyn. I went for some bloodwork, and was told that my body did not ovulate regularly. She recommended Clomid, but felt I needed to lose thirty pounds before I could start the medication. I had been diagnosed with hypertension and she felt I would be a high risk pregnancy. I left that appointment devastated. I called my mom while I was in the parking lot. I could barely speak. Yes, I had gained weight and was not the 130 pounds I used to be; but I was not obese. (See above picture.) I thought I couldn’t have children… and I blamed myself.

I thought…if only I hadn’t been a promiscuous teen, God wouldn’t be punishing me for my past choices. I thought that  I had to earn His approval and grace. That He must think I am just not deserving enough to be blessed with a child. I did get to work though. I started exercising regularly and lost 15 pounds. My next appointment, she was happy with my progress, but wanted me to lose another fifteen. My co-worker, and good friend, said I needed to get a second opinion. She recommended me to her family doctor.

“I thought…if only I hadn’t been a promiscuous teen, God wouldn’t be  punishing me for my past choices. I thought that  I had to earn His approval and grace. That He must think I am just not deserving enough to be blessed with a child.”

The new doctor reviewed my test results, blood pressure, and weight loss. She didn’t agree. She thought I was at a healthy weight, and did not need to take blood pressure medication. She believed I could get pregnant on my own, but to help with some weight loss and ovulation, she put me on metformin. It was also known to help with those two things.

So, where was God in all of this?  Shortly after taking my job, a couple coworkers of mine invited me to their church, The Vineyard. I had never experienced church quite like this. It was the main portion of a strip mall. It was a large open area with seating, a coffee/doughnut bar, a full band, and a children’s church area set apart from the adult service.  The members were of all ages and walks of life…and everyone was welcomed. I had started a relationship with God as an adult. Jason and I both became more involved at The Vineyard. I had joined the dance ministry team and Jason was involved in the sports ministry. I had filled notebooks of prayers for our finances, a child, my work… but I wasn’t really in God’s Word. I also still carried around my past and believed that grace was something I had to earn.

“I also still carried around my past and believed that grace was something I had to earn.”

I was to follow up with my new doctor a month after my first appointment for additional testing. Leading up to that appointment, I began to feel off and tired. I was at dance practice and my equilibrium was off. The girls thought I should take a test; so after practice I stopped at Walgreens. Jason and I had been trying for 13 months when God answered my prayer…

I was pregnant…


By His grace,


Chapter Seven… Marriage Part 1

Jason’s proposal at my work.

Well he did it…he completely surprised me. He had set it all up with the doctor I worked for and my office manager. Everyone was in on the surprise, except me. It was a day of celebrating, and we did just that, the entire weekend. (I’ll save you those details though!) We quickly decided on a date and the planning begun.

Engagement photo

Planning a wedding is always stressful, but my plate was incredibly full. I ended up having to have a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy over Christmas. The recovery was not easy, and our families had to come to our place to celebrate Christmas. I was also studying for two exams for work. I had to pass my radiology and anesthesia assistant exam, both which were scheduled about a month before our wedding! Still, we made it work. I had begun selling Mary Kay part time to bring in some extra income. We took out a personal loan to pay for our honeymoon and some of our debt, and with the help of our parents, we were able to have a beautiful wedding.

April 24, 2004, Little Flatrock Christian Church

We had a few hiccups before our big day. First, we were not able to be married in the church Jason grew up in, and that we would attend together when home. The pastor, at the time, wouldn’t marry us because we lived together. He asked us to live apart during our engagement; but logistically and financially, it didn’t make sense. I was disappointed, but not angry. I respected his conviction, and he did attend our wedding. The church I had attended as a young girl was available and did not have a full time pastor. We were able to be married there, and Jason’s sister officiated the ceremony. (Try having premarital counseling with your future sister-in-law!! )

The second happened the night of our rehearsal. I was emotional, nervous, excited, happy…a multitude of emotions…but the one thing that stands out about that night was a simple sentence my future mother-in-law said, ‘Do we have to go through with this?’ Rejection had reared its ugly face. My inner 9 year old girl had come out, and I thought that his family doesn’t accept me. They know the truth, Jason deserves better. I was so hurt. Jason and his sister noticed that I was upset. I don’t remember what they said, but by the time we arrived at the dinner, I had stopped crying. (Now, before you get your feathers ruffled, looking back I see a mom who’s youngest son was finally getting married. I am sure she also was going through a multitude of emotions and didn’t mean to hurt me.)

“Rejection had reared its ugly face. My inner 9 year old girl had come out, and I thought that his family doesn’t accept me. They know the truth, Jason deserves better.”

The wedding was perfect, and the following morning we flew out to our honeymoon destination, the Mayan Riviera/Cancun. We had a week of rest and relaxation, and then headed back to the real world.

We were comfortable in our one bedroom apartment. Jason and I were trying to save for a home, but we had a problem with trying to keep up with our friends. We had just gotten married, but our peers were starting families. So around our one year anniversary, we began trying to expand our family. We were going to move to a larger apartment at the end of our lease and we were happy.


Then, Jason came home from work and said we needed to talk. His work had to downsize and were probably going to go out of business. They had to let him go…

As for a baby? We had been trying for months, and no baby…

By His grace,


Chapter Six… Jason

first wedding
A wedding in 2000

I was over at my best friend’s house playing cards when he walked in. I knew who he was immediately. He used to quarterback the high school football team and he played the drums. I also knew who he ran around with because my friends and I thought they were all cute. I had just graduated high school, and he was finishing up college. He had no idea who I was.

We all sat around playing cards and having a good time. My friends kept kicking me under the table and nudging their heads at him. I was still having a difficult time getting over my previous relationship, and was blind to the fact that he was showing interest. We ended up talking late into the night. I felt comfortable with him, and I opened up about the relationship I had just came out of. He showed empathy, and said no one should ever be treated that way, and he was sorry I had to go through that. He asked for my number before he left, and I honestly didn’t think I would hear from him. His name was Jason.

A week later I came home from work. My mom said Jason had called, and they had talked for almost an hour! He had asked me to go to a concert with him, and I was having a hard time deciding. It wasn’t because I wasn’t interested…it was because I didn’t feel good enough for him. All I saw was my past; and I just knew that once he heard it, or any rumors, he would be out. I had already been hurt enough, and I just couldn’t go through it again.

I did go on that date with him though, and several more after that. That was (and still is) the best summer of my life. Fall came and he started his last semester of college and I began my first semester of nursing school. We would email on our breaks and spend every weekend together. He would surprise me by being at my house when I would get home. He enjoyed just spending time with me AND my family…and I loved his family.



Jason’s parents were remarkable. They had eight children, Jason being the youngest, and a huge extended family. They loved each other, their family, and God. It was because of Jason and his family that I started attending church again. The amount of respect that Jason gave his parents, and his parents toward him and each other, I had never experienced personally.

The choices I had made as a young teenager took a toll on my mom and our relationship. We fought constantly, were both stubborn, and said things to each other that were so incredibly hurtful. The more serious Jason and I became, the more I started to compare our families. The resentment and bitterness of my younger years started to take hold.

Jason’s first apartment

Jason and I had our disagreements, which mostly centered around how I fit into his life. We had an age gap between us. His friends wanted to still go out, and he was torn between spending time with me or leaving me out, and he would receive grief from them. I was coming from a place of not trusting men, of feeling rejected, and was really just waiting for him to figure out that he deserved better. He seemed too good to be true. He never raised his voice at me, he didn’t resort to name calling, and he never would even think to lay a hand on me. I didn’t understand it. I was used to a different way of handling conflict.

I eventually started staying with Jason on a routine basis. I had left nursing school and started taking classes to become a dental assistant. Jason had finished up college and was trying to find a job he would enjoy. He wasn’t having much luck finding a job in the field he had majored in, and I could see that he started to become disappointed in himself. The apartment lease he had with his roommate was coming up for renewal, and we decided to get our own place. Jason finally found a job, I had accepted a job through my externship with school, and I officially moved out of my little small town to the Indianapolis area. I was twenty years old.

Life was good. We were in love. Jason was making good money, and I had a rewarding and stable job. I felt like I was finally starting to find myself. I was away from my past. The new friends I had made didn’t know what my story was, and they saw me for me…and they actually liked me. I didn’t have to wear a mask anymore. I was growing up and no longer felt like I had the chains of my past holding me back. We would still go home on the weekends and visit, and it was good. We would attend church, my relationship with my mom had grown, and I had been warmly welcomed by his family and several friends.

Enter a caption

Finally, in April 2003, Jason walked into my work during a meeting. He was wearing a shirt and tie, dress pants, and holding a bouquet of roses. My coworkers all looked at me and smiled…

Jason got down on one knee…

By His grace,


Chapter Five… The Not So Sweet High School Sweetheart

junior prom
Junior Prom

I was on cloud nine…I finally had a boyfriend who treated me like gold. He catered to me and would compliment me daily. My friends were surprised by the relationship. He just was not the type of guy I usually dated. We both had parents who were divorced, but he did not have a relationship with his dad or very many friends. He became very close to my family and we became inseparable.

I had stopped attending church and youth group. I had shown up for try out practice to start cheering again, but bailed on the day of tryouts. (My mom and my coach were not happy. I remember being pulled from class asking why I didn’t try out.) I had tossed my goals and dreams out the window. I had someone who finally loved me and told me he would never leave me. I stopped making plans and spending time with friends. We talked everyday on the phone or I was over at his house. Snow days didn’t stop us from seeing each other, and whatever he had going on came first…even over my own family.

So you can only imagine what happened the day I was given a letter he had written another girl. He had made plans to see her while I was attending my older sister’s wedding. He denied it and left school during lunch. I followed him to his house and broke up with him. I knew I needed to get back to school. He had went inside and came out with his gun. He said he couldn’t live his life without me; and as I was pulling out of his driveway, I heard the gun go off.

I remember jumping out of my car and screaming his name over and over. He wasn’t answering me and I was terrified. All I could see were his legs, and once I was close enough, he finally answered me. I was angry and went to leave again as he shot off his gun. I called our moms. He was threatening to commit suicide because he couldn’t live without me. He had me. He knew my weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and he had me convinced that it would kill him if I ever left him.

senior cowgirl
Senior year

The relationship spiraled from there in so many ways. The plus side, he was going to graduate and had started taking care of himself. The down side, we broke up constantly. You know… the whole ‘I thought I could change him’… well he changed, along with his ego. Despite all of it, during winter break of my senior year, he proposed. We started planning for our future after high school, and I bought my wedding dress. I had already started college during my senior year. I had been accepted into Ivy Tech School of Nursing for that coming fall and was taking some of my prerequisites.

graduation pic
Class of 2000

I had the opportunity to go to Mexico for a month after graduation. The week before I left, we had broken up again. By this time, my mom had seen enough red flags that she had stopped supporting the relationship. She no longer trusted him, and was concerned with how I had withdrawn from my family and friends. He still saw me off and we had agreed to email each other while I was away. There was silence the entire time I was gone. My emails from my mom included some rumors of some trouble he was getting into and she wanted me to not contact him anymore.

I returned home to find out that the rumors were all true. I was supposed to leave to go camping with him the week after I returned. The day we were supposed to leave, we had gotten into a huge fight. He had become so good at lying, that I think he may have believed his own lies. I told him I wasn’t going to go and tried to leave his house. He kept blocking the doors. I managed to get around him, but he caught me and I started to struggle. I was able to get one arm free, and I elbowed him as hard as I could so he would release me. He did for a brief second, and then the hit came across my face. I stood there in complete shock. My face was on fire.  I ran out the door, and called my mom. He had followed me out into the yard and was blocking me from getting inside my car. I kept trying to push him away, but he shoved me to the ground, and kept doing that until his mom finally saw what was happening. My parents took me to file a police report. Unfortunately, there was nothing the police could do. It was a matter of he said/she said, but I was advised by the officer to stay away from him. He knew the name quite well.

I did stay away….for a couple of weeks. I almost cost myself my entire future when I decided to move in with him. I remember the night I told my parents, my dad and stepdad meeting him down the road to confront him, and my dad driving me to drop me off. I was given an ultimatum after a couple weeks. I either come home, or my college would not be paid for… so I went home.

Some of you may be wondering why I shared so much about a couple relationships I had in high school. I share them because they shaped my idea of what a relationship looked like. I share them because I have learned that if you don’t confront the pieces of you that are broken, if you continue to put bandaid after bandaid on your wounds…you will never heal. Those deep wounds have a way of seeping into each relationship you have in life.

“…if you don’t confront the pieces of  you that are broken,

if you continue to put bandaid after bandaid on your wounds…

you will never heal.”

Shortly before I started nursing school that fall, I met my angel…

Jason walked into my life…


By His grace,