Time to Get Real

Time for me to get real! So real, in fact, that I am posting this silly picture of me after spending 20 minutes on the elliptical; or what I like to call, one of my “Giants”. I am coming from my own perspective today, and I am a woman, so…. ladies listen close! Growing up,…Read more »

The Call to Love

The last two days I have been glancing at my computer and trying to ignore the nudge of writing on my blog. I usually use this as an outlet for my feelings, circumstances, frustrations, basically a journal of my life. So, it is curious as to why I could not bring myself to the keyboard.…Read more »


I need to confess. I am self-seeking and selfish. There…I said it. It has taken me years to finally admit this. I have spent quite a bit of time making excuses and justifying my choices in life. I had become a pro at casting blame and pointing fingers at everyone around me BUT myself. Self-seeking:┬áthe…Read more »

Daddy’s Hands

I was sitting in church on Sunday, watching the youth put on their annual puppet show. My husband nudged me, and as I looked over, I saw where our youngest had grabbed both of his daddy’s hands and was holding them, as he intently watched the show. It’s still sometimes strange to me when scripture…Read more »